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A woman steals money from her mob boss husband hoping to start a new life with her lover. Meanwhile, a washed-up former child star and his buddies rob a bank with a police detective hot on their trail. Through a twist of fate, these people all find themselves at a remote cabin, unaware that recent construction work has unleashed a ferocious creature which now roams the surrounding area! Who will survive in MEATEATERS!
A group of people brought together through a twist of fate hide out in a remote cabin, unaware that a ferocious monster roams the surrounding area.
So… Where on earth to start.<br/><br/>The film is on the level of most first year film students… the bad ones…<br/><br/><ul><li>Acting: Ugh… imagine you got a bunch of stoners together to act when they were completely baked out of their minds.</li></ul><br/><br/><ul><li>Script: I&#39;ve read better children&#39;s picture books. Half the time the sentences don&#39;t even make sense and the other half, due to poor use of intonation, something that SHOULD have made sense… suddenly doesn&#39;t.</li></ul><br/><br/><ul><li>Lighting: Non-Existent. Unless it&#39;s the flashlight. But i still don&#39;t think that counts.</li></ul><br/><br/><ul><li>Camera-work: Hmmm… you know in this day and age it&#39;s not THAT expensive to buy a Go-Pro etc. It was clearly filmed on a cam-corder - something you can see in the reflection of windows in almost every shot. This is why the car&#39;s windows are wound eternally down in almost every scene.</li></ul><br/><br/><ul><li>Editing: Geez, don&#39;t get me started. Effects remaining across cuts, re-using scenes and there&#39;s SO MANY bad edits as the film progresses. There is the dreaded &quot;black frame&quot; of a failed edit point on many occasions - Seriously, the news can get it right every day of the year, yet they couldn&#39;t get it right for a one off release. This is the sort of most BASIC mistakes you&#39;d be warned about in the first month of media class in high schoolÂ… clearly the editor dropped out before said lesson.</li></ul><br/><br/><ul><li>Continuity: Forget it. Don&#39;t even try. It just doesn&#39;t work. In one scene she&#39;s trying to open the door to the Jeep but can&#39;t. They move the shot inside the car to show her looking at the door which is CLEARLY UNLOCKED. You can see the old school locking bolt standing tall - like a defiant middle finger to the director.</li></ul><br/><br/><ul><li>Music: Score was pretty good… for something that was probably downloaded for free in a highly compressed format. There was simply no consistency to the tracks or on how they were used. It also just wasn&#39;t used at the right times, such as a violin track used for about 15 seconds of exposition and then used again for a death scene. Most of the time it seems like someone put the soundtrack on shuffle, went &quot;Yup that&#39;ll do&quot; and then proceeded to turn the volume up and down at random intervals.</li></ul><br/><br/><ul><li>Effects: now THIS is the big one. WHY OH WHY do you need THREE DIFFERENT DINOSAUR MODELS??? The first one was rubbish and the next 2 are even WORSE. It&#39;s completely pointless! At the end of the film it seems like the actor is fighting off 3 entirely different fake dinosaurs - and all of them are worse quality than what you&#39;d find in a box of cereal. I honestly could have created better visual effects for them with a toy T-Rex and a piece of GREEN CARD… And this was outsourced to a company…</li></ul><br/><br/>Oh and watch for the bit where they stretch the dinosaur overlay so it&#39;s &quot;facing the right way&quot; *Director Hint: It&#39;s still not* and then forget to remove it for the next transition so suddenly the dinosaur is staring at it&#39;s own tail for a minute.<br/><br/>*Sigh* I honestly can&#39;t go on.<br/><br/>FINAL THOUGHTS: All I can say is this film&#39;s ONLY PURPOSE TO EXIST, is to make Tommy Wiseau&#39;s &quot;The Room&quot; look like an Oscar Contender for Best Picture.<br/><br/>This is a Polonia Brothers film … number 40-something. How the hell do they keep getting them published with mistakes a high schooler could fix in a matter of an hour?<br/><br/>If you enjoyed this, it might be worth getting your eyes checked… or coming down from whatever you&#39;re on. I&#39;d say watch it again sober, but it wouldn&#39;t make the pile of excrement any better. <br/><br/>You know what they say - &quot;you can polish a turd, but it&#39;s still a turd… and now you&#39;re still holding it in your hand.&quot;<br/><br/>For more bad acting, poor scripts and silly effects check out &quot;Solid State&quot;. It&#39;s just as bad but they actually hired an editor and it&#39;s in Italy… so I guess that&#39;s nice. Oh and that turd has sprinkles.
I do enjoy low budget films, I&#39;ve even been in some myself that&#39;s not exactly worth an Oscar, and I know it takes a lot of time and effort. But publishing something like this… I don&#39;t know. I&#39;m sad to say this is some of the more poorer productions I have seen. The techniques used for filming doesn&#39;t seem schooled or particularly talented, the acting was very poorly done and the special effects were clumsy and exaggerated - I mean they could at least do something to disturb the cows in the beginning of the movie: I&#39;ll stop here as I won&#39;t pick on every element in the movie there is.. <br/><br/>Other then that, I&#39;m sure that with time and practice I&#39;m these guys will have a lot to offer. We all have to start somewhere, right?

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